Questions and answers

Can you describe the work process "from the title to credits" in detail?

First we get acquainted with the project (study demo. sketches), if the project is still in the initial stage, then we listen to all the details of what it’s planned to be: the customer in simple words describes the music he presents in the project and sends a list of required sounds.
Then we do the first sketches and send them for approval.
We work in constant contact with the customer, not to waste time. Once made, the variant in the right direction we develop it: if it’s not suitable, then we do the following sketch.
We provide sounds in several options.
We work on the principle of “to the end and until the customer is 100% satisfied”. The amendments are included in the work process.

Do you transfer the rights to use the music and sounds?

Yes, we do. You get exclusive rights to use all materials ordered from us. This means that the product is sold to you only, and nowhere else will be flashed. The exception is our portfolio (of course with your consent and only after the official release).
We create sounds in two ways: we record by ourselves and take from sound libraries, which include unlimited use in our projects. At the same time, we do not use library sounds in their original form. All of them are changed in the work process: they are connected with others, mixed with voice coders, adjusted to animation…

And if to compare the product on the stocks and yours?

Product is bought as it is offered on audio stockers: it cannot be edited, and it’s not the fact that the music selected there will fully fit to your project. Same story with sounds, they will be in only one version.
We do the post scoring exclusively for your project. All music and sounds are in the same key for a harmonious sounding. We test everything together with you, we take a detached view with our experience and listen to with a perfect pitch.
Besides, exclusive product on audio stockers is much more expensive than what we offer.

What are your payment options?

Western Union
Zolotaya Korona

We have a nontypical project. Will you be able to score/voice it?

Undoubtedly. Everything is discussed.

How can you prove that you are a creator of products you sell?

If necessary, we provide the source codes (the recording of each track of the tool in a single project).